Privacy Policy

Employees of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver have access to a high degree of confidential information. Employees protect and ensure confidentiality of information by:

  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements, including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Mental Health Act, and the Child, Family and Community Service Act.
  • Treating as confidential all client case records, all discussions of information about clients and personnel, and all written materials containing information about clients or personnel.
  • Limiting access of client information to authorized persons.
  • Not seeking out or reading confidential information unless it is required.
  • Not disclosing confidential information outside the limits of job duties or to unauthorized persons, including those within the Society who have no need to know, unless written consent is obtained from the Society or until such confidential information has lawfully become a matter of public knowledge.
  • Storing hard-copy confidential information in secure, locked cabinets inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.
  • Maintaining the security of the Society's computing resources, including through safeguarding sensitive positions or locations and maintaining current awareness and training of computer technology security (e.g., passwords, virus protection, backups).

These obligations apply regardless of how information was obtained and last beyond termination of employment. All employees must maintain confidentiality of clients' and the Society's affairs during and after their period of employment with the Society