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EFry's 2015 Annual Report( PDF 9.4 MB)

Child Poverty Report Card
Katie Hyslop / The Tyee November 24, 2014
British Columbia has the fifth highest child poverty rate in Canada, according to the 2014 Child Poverty Report Card released today by First Call B.C. Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition. It's an improvement from a year earlier when B.C.'s rates were the highest in the country.

Policy picks pockets of poor
Shawn Bayes / The Vancouver Sun April 07, 2014
B.C.'s short-sighted policy of deducting child support from custodial parents on income assistance forces our poorest children further into poverty. While clawing back $18.4 million from children, B.C. forecasts a budget surplus in excess of $184 million this fiscal year.

B.C. experts say Canada doesn't need a 'Cinderella law' to protect kids from emotional abuse
Cayley Dobie / Burnaby Now July 31, 2013
While the United Kingdom is considering updating child neglect laws to make "emotional cruelty" by parents criminally punishable, B.C. experts don’t believe the proposed reform is appropriate in Canadian society.

Anchor/Reporter: Simi Sara, August 27, 2013

Local kids make sweet donation
Cayley Dobie / Burnaby Now July 31, 2013
Two young philanthropists are showing residents in Burnaby that it's never too early to start giving to those less fortunate.While most kids were out enjoying the sunshine, eight-year-old Mark and sevenyear-old Charlotte Pathyil Johannes spent July 17 raising money for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver. The Burnaby siblings set up a small lemonade stand with some of the other kids in their Deer Lake neighbourhood, selling the homemade drink to passersby and neighbours. At the end of the day, they had raised $125 for the society.

Blue Sky camps give break to Abbotsford/ Mission kids with parents in prison
Rochelle Baker / Abbotsford Times July 9, 2013
This summer the Elizabeth Fry Society will provide Abbotsford and Mission kids in difficult circumstances the chance to have the quintessential childhood experience.This year the society launched its Blue Sky weekly overnight camps for children aged six to 13 who would otherwise not enjoy any kind of summer vacation.

Shawn Bayes speaks to the call for remand centres for women on CFAX 1070.
Anchor/Reporter: Terry Moore, May 28, 2013

Turning purple to end domestic abuse
Niki Hope, The Record, April 12, 2012
Local business owner Leona Green is participating in the Purple Light Nights campaign, where local businesses and residents buy purple lights to hang in their windows to raise awareness about the thousands of women and children who endure the horrors of abuse...

Shining a light on domestic violence
Mario Bartel - New Westminster News Leader, April 11, 2012
Sophia and her young family immigrated to Canada in 2007 to seek a better life, enjoy freedoms and opportunities unavailable to them in their homeland. Instead, Sophia’s home became a prison...

EFry's Jodi Sturge speaks to CKNW's Bill Good about homeless families.
Anchor/Reporter: Bill Good, December 28, 2012

Homeless families a growing concern in Metro ( PDF 787KB)
Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun, December 22, 2012
Significant percentage of the people served in shelters are children, Elizabeth Fry official says...

Shawn Bayes speaks to CKNW's Bill Good about the importance of enabling families to remain together when parents seek addiction treatment.
Anchor/Reporter: Frank Stanford, December 4, 2012

Shawn Bayes speaks to CFAX's Frank Stanford about the importance of enabling families to remain together when parents seek addiction treatment.
Anchor/Reporter: Bill Good, December 4, 2012

Province urged to treat addicted parents without separating them from their kids ( PDF 342KB)
Victoria Times Colonist, the Vancouver Sun and The Province, November 2012
A shortage of treatment facilities where drug-addicted parents can stay with their children is having a devastating impact on at-risk youth in B.C., advocates say. Most facilities do not allow children to stay with parents who are getting help for a substance-abuse problem...

Asphalt Gals, a Recycling Social Enterprise ( PDF 184KB)
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's Homeless Partnering Strategy Bulletin for October 2012
Studies have shown that it is harder for female ex-offenders to re-integrate into the labour market than male ex-offenders. Women leaving a correctional institution with a criminal record, low skills and education levels, as well as limited work experience are particularly vulnerable to recidivism and homelessness...

Taking a Load Off ( PDF 2.2MB)
By Karen McCluskey, Roofing BC, Fall 2012
With an industry-wide shortage of qualified roofers, many companies struggle to find crews to fill all the potential job opportunities out there. This challenge led the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver (EFry) to launch Asphalt Gals Recycling Limited...

Bars between illiteracy and society ( PDF 115KB)
By Kim Nursall, Vancouver Sun, September 14, 2012
B.C. Corrections has begun to address the problem within prison walls, but once out, inmates have few options for help...

Strength, beauty and the goddess within ( PDF 290KB)
By Grant Granger, New Westminster News Leader, September 5, 2012
At the age of 18, Holly Forrester found herself in an abusive relationship and caring for an infant son. The fear, however, made her feel leaving was not an option...

EFry's Shawn Bayes discusses increased crime rates for women on CBC World Report with Peter Armstrong
Anchor/Reporter: Peter Armstrong, July 25, 2012

Surge in crime rates for women 'misleading' ( PDF 355KB)
CBC News, July 25, 2012
Shift in police enforcement means Canadian women increasingly targeted...

EFry discuss JustKids summer camps on CBU-AM, Early Edition with Rick Cluff
Anchor/Reporter: Rick Cluff, July 24, 2012

Gaps in addiction recovery put Abbotsford moms and kids at risk ( PDF 370KB)
By Rochelle Baker, Abbotsford Times, July 19, 2012
Mothers and children in Abbotsford trying to break free from the cycle of addiction and poverty face the danger of finding themselves living on the streets due to gaps in the system, say advocates....

Marginalized kids get a chance at summer fun ( PDF 147KB)
By Dennis Page, The Surrey Leader, July 18, 2012
The Elizabeth Fry Society has expanded its summer camps to Surrey for children whose parents are involved with the justice system...

EFry offering free summer camps ( PDF 40KB)
By Theresa McManus, The Royal City Record, July 11, 2012
The Elizabeth Fry Society wants to help kids enjoy their summer vacation...

Affordable housing can protect families & save lives
June 22, 2012

Need for afffordable housing: growing up in a low income household
June 22, 2012

A place to call home: the difference affordable housing can make
June 22, 2012

Faces of Affordable Housing
June 22, 2012

Kids 'condemned to silence' ( PDF 40KB)
By Theresa McManus, The Royal City Record, May 25, 2012
Elizabeth Fry Society helps kids whose parents are in prison...

Elizabeth Fry project welcomed ( PDF 34KB)
By Marianne Phillips and Andrew Phillips, The Royal City Record, May 23, 2012
We have been Sapperton residents for 24 years, living on Kelly Street and we are in favour of the proposed Elizabeth Fry Society rezoning of 273 and 275 Sherbrooke streets...

Elizabeth Fry has been a good neighbour ( PDF 346KB)
New Westminster News Leader, Letters to the Editor, May 18, 2012
We have been Sapperton residents for 24 years living on Kelly Street and we are in favour of the proposed Elizabeth Fry Society rezoning of 273 and 275 Sherbrooke streets...

Reading program keeps prisoners, families connected ( PDF 37KB)
By Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun, May 16, 2012
Elizabeth Fry aims to lessen stigma of having a parent in jail...

Police service OK with EFry application ( PDF 380KB)
By Grant Granger, New Westminster News Leader, May 16, 2012
There are conflicting statistics on how many times New Westminster police get called to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver facilities in Sapperton...

Shawn Bayes speaks to CFAX's Murray Langdon about JustKids
Anchor/Reporter: Murray Langdon, May 14, 2012

Simi Sara Show: Shawn Bayes interview (WMA 2MB)
Anchor/Reporter: Simi Sara, March 21, 2012
There is a need for more emergency homeless shelters for women and children. To explain why, Shawn Bayes, Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society joins the program...

Report calls for more homeless shelters for women, children in B.C. ( PDF 694KB)
By Yolande Cole, Times Colonist, March 16, 2012
"Bridging the Divide: Building Safe Shelters for Women and Families in B.C." is the result of a symposium held by the organization in November 2011...

Government closes units for female young offenders ( PDF 611KB)
By Lindsay Kines, Times Colonist, January 18, 2012
The declining number of young people in B.C. jails has prompted the government to close two units for girls in Victoria and Prince George and cut 23 corrections jobs...

The Globe & Mail - Letter to the Editor: Shelter Safety ( PDF 1.7MB)
By Shawn Bayes, The Globe & Mail, December 24, 2011
To protect personal safety, people's needs must be met before there's a crisis . Some homeless people battling mental illness cycle through prisons and emergency rooms...

Vancouver symposium to focus on women's safety in homeless shelters ( PDF 213KB)
By Yolande Cole, Straight.com, November 14, 2011
It was the death of a former client of an Elizabeth Fry shelter that prompted Shawn Bayes to organize a symposium on the safety of women in co ed shelters.

Symposium looks at ways to improve shelters for women ( PDF 120KB)
By Cheryl Rossi, Vancouver Courier, November 12, 2011
Emergency coed facilities should have separate areas to ensure safety, says director of Elizabeth Fry Society.

More emergency shelter spaces needed for women, Vancouver council hears ( PDF 252KB)
By Yolande Cole, Georgia Straight, March 18, 2011
City council signaled their support this week for increasing emergency shelter spaces for women in Vancouver.

EFry's Storybook Program at Surrey Pretrial Services Centre
The Province of BC, February 10, 2011
EFry works with BC Corrections to connect incarcerated parents and their children through our Storybook Program.

Society hopes to build social housing for women ( PDF 43KB)
By Theresa Mcmanus, The Record, January 15, 2011
The Elizabeth Fry Society is seeking public feedback about a plan that will allow it to expand its services.

Elizabeth Fry Storybook Program (MP3 9.4MB)
CBC Radio Early Edition, December 24, 2010

Students help feed the hungry ( PDF 105KB)
By Theresa Mcmanus, The Record, December 23, 2010
The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver hosted a Christmas dinner for 700 people last week with a little help from its friends.

Riverside kids cook, help ( PDF 58KB)
By Diane Strandberg, The Tri-City News, December 17, 2010 12:00 PM
It was a feat no amateur cook would dare try: Cook and carve 30 turkeys in a day. But Riverside secondary culinary arts teacher Darren Straumford and his 80 Grade 11 and Grade 12 students were up to the challenge.

Residents advised to be aware of charity scammer ( PDF 43KB)
Michael McQuillan, New Westminster News Leader, December 14, 2010
New Westminster residents are being warned to watch out for a door-to-door scam involving individuals posing as representatives of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver.

Overwhelming support for Vancouver sobering centre ( PDF 889KB)
Suzanne Fournier, The Province, December 9, 2010
A "sobering centre" that could save the lives of people arrested for being drunk is getting overwhelming support from police, health and native advocates.

Another level of protection is needed ( PDF 169KB)
Janet Brown, CKNW(AM980) Local News, December 9, 2010
Vancouver Police, health officials and first responders are calling for a centre to be built where intoxicated people can go to sober up, instead of being tossed in jail.

Women's housing project named after advocate ( PDF 106KB)
Neil Corbett, Abbotsford News, December 6, 2010
The new Abbotsford housing complex run by the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver will be named the Firth Residence, after longtime volunteer Joan Firth who lived in Abbotsford.

Giving a second chance and changing lives: Elizabeth Fry Society (JPG 1MB)
Karen McCluskey, Sounding Board, November-December 2010
Helen was born in Africa and while she dreamed of becoming a nurse, she was forced into an arranged marriage that quickly became abusive...

Vancouver community groups seek sobering centre ( PDF 95KB)
Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun, Novermber 29, 2010
As plans are progressing to build a Sobering Centre in Surrey, community groups are pushing to have a similar centre built in Vancouver.

EFry's Job Training Program Adopted as a Model in Other Jurisdictions (JPG 1MB)
Shawn Bayes, Sounding Board, October 2010
Our goal was to get women off social assistance. We knew many of our clients wanted to work, but office or service industry jobs weren't an appropriate fit," explains Marla Chandler-Soanes...

Women Working Wonders (JPG 977KB)
Shawn Bayes, Construction Business, September/October 2010
Pilot program trains women for non-traditional jobs.

Sharing their harvest ( PDF 1MB)
Theresa McManus, The Record, September 29, 2010
Members of the New Westminster Community Gardening Society are sharing the fruits of their labour with the Elizabeth Fry Society.

Elizabeth Fry Camp (WMV 4MB)
CBC News, July 29, 2010
More than 5000 kids in BC currently have a parent behind bars and it can be tough to enjoy summer when your mom or dad isn't at home. A new summer camp is helping some of those kids feel better.

Children of prisoners camp interview with Shawn Bayes (MP3 3MB)
Early Edition with Rick Cluff, CBC Radio, July 26, 2010
A Vancouver summer camp is bringing together a very special group of children: each of them has a parent in the correctional system. The program is the first of its kind in Canada.

Help kids be kids ( PDF 397KB)
Theresa McManus, The Record, July 14, 2010
The Elizabeth Fry Association of Vancouver is ensuring that children are able to experience some summer fun. The association is introducing free summer day camps as part of its program to support the unique needs of children who have parents involved in the justice system.

EFry day camps teach coping and leadership skills ( PDF 594KB)
New Westminster News Leader, July 12, 2010
The Elizabeth Fry Association of Vancouver (EFry) will be holding week-long summer day camps for children with parents in trouble with the law.

Summer camps offer free fun for Vancouver kids affected by justice system ( PDF 249KB)
Shadi Elien, Georgia Straight, July 7, 2010
The executive director of the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver doesn't think the Canadian government is providing any programs that fit the "special and very unique needs" of children whose parents have found themselves tied up in the criminal justice system.

Women's shelter OK'd ( PDF 587KB)
Kevin Mills, Abbotsford News, May 12, 2010
A new women's support shelter is one step closer to being created.

An American view on Vancouver's struggle with homelessness ( PDF 248KB)
Kim Murphy, The Vancouver Sun, February 10, 2010
Vancouver frequently ranks among the most livable cities in North America, with multimillion dollar condos offering breathtaking views. But the Downtown Eastside remains a netherworld of openair drug dealing, makeshift sidewalk shelters, public drunkenness and prostitution.

Vancouver wrestles with homelessness ( PDF 1532KB)
Kim Murphy, LA Times, February 9, 2010
The city's downtown Eastside area is home to some of the worst poverty in Canada. Advocates fear the homeless will be swept away as the Olympics begin.

Not enough female-only shelters, advocate says ( PDF 18KB)
Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun, January 22, 2010
The 'hidden homeless' would come inside if they didn't have to sleep in communal rooms beside men, experts say.

Award of distinction for Bayes ( PDF 564KB)
New Westminster News Leader, June 4, 2009
Shawn Bayes, the executive director for the Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver, is officially a woman of distinction. On Wednesday, she was named the recipient of the women of distinction award in the non-profit and public service category.

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